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KF8001Cy7.5 NHS Ester1mg$120
Cy7.5 NHS Ester50mg$1400
Cy7.5 NHS Ester5mg $260
Cy7.5 NHS Ester10mg$460
Cy7.5 NHS Ester50mg$1400
Cy7.5 NHS Ester50mg$1400
Cy7.5 NHS Ester50mg$1400


Product NameCy7.5 NHS Ester
Molecular Weight 1039
SolubilityDMF, DMSO,water
Storageone year at -20°C in the room temperature for up to 10 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light.
Excitation Maximum788
Emission Maximum808
Chemical StructureCy7.5 NHS

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