Biochemical Products

Biochemical Products

KareBayTM Biochem offers a wide range of reagents useful for biochemistry, molecular biology and life science applications. Our comprehensive portfolio of ready-to-use reagents and kits is continually expanding. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality material to you ensuring your satisfaction.

KareBay Biochem offers a portfolio of small molecule inhibitors benchmarked for activity by various completed and ongoing clinical therapy. Every batch of inhibitors has been rigorously monitored and examined following GMP standards. They can be utilized as APIs in pharmaceutical manufacturing and come with all COAs and analysis reports.

Browse our catalog list or search our database to find the products you need and begin on the road to success today.

Alkaloid Antibiotic Peptide
Hormone Peptide Neuroppetide
Regulatory Peptide Structural Support Peptide
Others Peptide
Amino Acids Derivatives
Amino Acid and Derivatives Z-Amino Acids
Amino Alcohol Boc-Amino Acid
Fmoc-Amino Acid Fmoc-AA-Resin
N-methyl Amino Acid Unnatural Amino Acid
Primay Antibodies
Adhesion Cancer/Apoptosis
Cell Cycle Channel
Cleaved-specific Cytoskeletal
GPCR Growth Factors
GTP-binding Homeobox
Intermediates Lymphocyte Signaling
Neuroscience Phosphatases/Kinases
Phospho-specific Receptors
Transcription Translation
Anti-virus Cell Cycle
DMPK/Tox Endocrinology
Egigenetics GPCR/G-protein
Proteases/Proteasome Protein Tyrosine Kinase
Stem Cell TGF-β/Smad Signaling
Transporters Others
Bioactive Compound
Agonist APIs
Natural Product

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