Custom Polymers & Contract Manufacturing

KareBayTM Biochem has been focusing on providing custom manufacturing of monomers, polymers and nanomaterials. As a world-leading polymer synthesis company, KareBay has been offering first-class polymer synthesis service and contract polymer manufacturing for decades! We can serve you from research & development stage, pilot contract polymer production, all the way to commercialization-stage thousands of tons polymer contract manufacturing.

As a group of polymer manufacturers and polymer producers, we help you with custom polymer design, custom polymer synthesis, custom polymer manufacturing, contract polymer manufacturing, custom polymer formulation & polymer processing for any specialty polymer with desired properties right for you!

Can’t find the right polymer component or device for your industry?

We serve craft-manufacturing from mold design, R&D optimization to final commercial batch manufacturing!

Don’t know how to formulate a cosmetic, medicine, or other application?

Let us help you with novel formulation to best fit into your product!

Too new Polymer Chemistry? To hard Polymer Processing technique? Or needing help with novel polymer formulation?

Yes, we can help you all!

Want to find a polymer synthesis company to help with your polymer R&D or polymer manufacturing?

Talk to us!

Need a dedicated polymer producer or a polymer manufacturer?

Yes, we are!

Custom Polymer Synthesis, Custom Polymer Manufacturing & Contract Polymer Manufacturing Consulting needed for your project?

Contact us!

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Top to bottom or bottom to top polymer structure & Polymer Properties Design; Best-designed Custom Polymer Synthesis Chemistry, Custom Polymer Manufacturing technology under our first-class contract polymer manufacturing services to maximize the advantage of your polymer product!

Custom Polymer Synthesis

Custom Polymer Manufacturing

Contract Polymer Manufacturing

Contract Polymer Synthesis

Contract Polymer Compounding

Custom Polymer Compounding

Custom Polymer Pelletizing

Contract Polymer Pelleting

Contract Polymer Processing (Injection, molding, nanosuspension, etc.

Custom Polymer Processing

Specialty Polymer Design, Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Formulation

cGMP Polymer Medical Device Manufacturing

cGMP Pharmaceutical Polymer Full Service

cGMP biocompatible Polymer Production

Dedicated Polymer Manufacturer

Experienced Polymer Producer

Our highly experienced R&D and Manufacturing teams are experts at synthesizing a broad range of materials including:

Polymers with well-defined purity, molecular weights, architecture and properties

Functional and reactive polymers

Block and amphiphilic copolymers

Biodegradable and biocompatible polymers

Smart polymers (stimuli responsive polymers and PNIPAM)

Special, high purity monomers, macromers, initiators & polymerization (RAFT & ATRP) reagents.

Homopolymers and co-polymers

Unique and ultra-pure specialty chemicals

Different end group chemistries

Molecular weights ranging from a few thousand to several million

We are strong on most of polymer chemistry, including

Controlled (living) ionic polymerization (anionic, cationic)

Radical polymerization (ATRP, RAFT, conventional radical)

Suspension polymerization

Emulsion polymerization

Anionic – Block Copolymer

Functional Termination







Architectures of polymers we may produce include:

Linear, diblocks, triblocks, etc.




KareBay is your best partner, also because:

Scale-up development from 1 gram to >1000 kg

Packaging and shipping expertise in handling all hazard levels.

Confidentiality to protect your sensitive information.

Multiple quality levels, from ISO 9001 to cGMP