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Custom Synthesis &Services

KareBay™ Biochem provides complete strategic solutions to simplify your laboratory experience, whether it be basic biological research, pharmaceutical drug discovery, drug development or manufacturing. Our team encompasses experienced chemists and biologists who provide all necessary services, from custom chemical synthesis to biological production. The KareBay team has devised comprehensive solutions to meet your specific requirements in organic synthesis, macromolecule production and preclinical assay development. Committed to providing the greatest satisfaction, we track each milestone from precursor synthesis to quality analysis and assessment to ensure the highest success rate and a quick turnaround time. KarebayBiochem is prepared to be your partner and help you achieve sustainable success in your biotechnology or pharmaceutical enterprise. Explore our Strategic Solutions list, and find the one that best fits your needs:

Chemical Synthesis Biological Production
Organic Compound Synthesis Antibody Production
Custom Peptide Synthesis - Polyclonal Antibody
- Standard Peptide Synthesis - Monoclonal Antibody
- Peptide Library Synthesis Immunoassay
- GMP/GLP Peptide Manufacturing - ELISA
Bio-conjugation Services - Western blot
Protein Expression
cGMP Peptide Synthesis Services cGMP Organic Synthesis Services

How to get started Please contact us with your requests for any of our custom chemical synthesis services or biological production services at and we will reply with a detailed quote as soon as possible. This process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours and the quote will include an estimated price as well as the time required to complete the project. All inquiries and subsequent projects are handled in strict confidence and will be backed by a confidentiality agreement if desired.