Western Blot Assay Service

Western Blot Analysis

Many biological and medical diagnostics laboratories employ Western blotting (a.k.a. immunoblotting) to detect proteins from cell extracts, blood serum or saliva sputum samples. Western blotting is considered a mature technology, but still remains extensively used by researchers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. Customers continue to demand improvements in ease-of-use, speed, and sensitivity, as well as, a better ability to quantify results. Western blot analysis can detect one protein in a mixture of any number of proteins while providing you with information about the molecular weight of the protein. This method, however, is dependent on the use of a high-quality antibody directed against a desired protein. This antibody is used as a probe to detect the protein of interest.

Western Blot Process

Western Blot Analysis
1.Proteins are separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, usually SDS-PAGE. 2.The proteins are transferred to a sheet of blotting membrane (usually nitrocellulose, though other types of membranes such as PVDF can be used). The proteins retain the same pattern of separation they had on the electrophoresis gel. 3.The blot is incubated with a generic blocking protein (such as milk proteins) to shield any remaining protein-binding sites on the membrane. An antibody is then added to the solution, which is able to bind to the target protein. The antibody has been conjugated to an enzyme (e.g. Alkaline Phosphatase or Horseradish Peroxidase) or sometimes a fluorescent dye or particle. 4.The location of the antibody is revealed by incubating it with a colorless substrate that the enzyme-conjugate converts into a colored product, which can be observed by eye and imaged.

Our Western Blot  Service

KareBay™ Biochem offers custom Western Blot services and western blot analysis including the extraction of total protein from tissues or cells, construction of Western blots, immunostaining blots with any antibody, quantitative analysis of immunostaining and sending high quality digital images. To ensure high quality blots, each protein sample, whether provided by the customer or KareBay, is subject to rigorous quality control testing before use.

How to get started

Please contact us with your Western Blot services requests at service@karebaybio.com and we will reply with a detailed quote as soon as possible. This process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours and the quote will include an estimated price as well as the time required to complete the project. All inquiries and subsequent projects are handled in strict confidence and will be backed by a confidentiality agreement if desired.