Crosslinking Reagents

Covalent crosslinking is chemical links between molecular chains to form a three-dimensional network of connected molecules. It is widely used in both commercial technologies and scientific researches. Crosslinking reagents contain reactive ends to specific and reactive numerous functional groups, such as primary amines, carbonhydrates and sulfhydryls, to join two or more molecules by creating chemical covalent bonds. Skillfully use of crosslinking reagents can enhance the strength of the bond, also improve cohesion, adhesion and thermal stability. Various crosslinking reagents are available in Karebaybio, such as Biontin-Hydrazide, Sulfo-NHS N-Hydroxysulfosuccinimide sodium salt and N-Succinimidyl 4-(N-maleimidomethyl) cyclohexane-1-carboxylate.

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