Protecting Reagents

Protecting reagents are necessary and important either in organic synthesis or in peptide synthesis. In the occurring, to guarantee the sequence exact, protecting reagents are used to temporarily keep reactive functional groups on the amino acids and peptides from interfering in the peptide synthesis reactions and producing unwanted side products. KareBay Biochem has a wide selection of protecting group reagents for use in your research, including some of the commonly used protecting group reagents for preparing amino acid derivatives suitable for peptide synthesis:

  • 9-Fluorenylmethanol
  • Boc Anhydride
  • Z-Cl (Cbz-Cl)
  • Fmoc-NH2

How to get started Please download Catalog Order Form and contact us with your Protecting reagents requests and we will supply you with a detailed quote as soon as possible. This process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. The quote will include an estimated price as well as the time required to complete the project. All inquiries and subsequent projects are handled in the strictest confidence and will be backed up by a confidentiality agreement if desired.