GLP-1 secretion inhibits weight gain

A new research is published by American researcher in Diabetes online, They found that GLP-1(32-36)amide inhibited weight gain, derived from the glucoincretin hormone GLP-1,that increases basal energy expenditure, curtails the development of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and hepatic steatosis in a diet-induced obese mice. It might be a usefull product to treat human obesity and associated metabolic disorders

The peptapeptide inhibited weight gain, reduced fat mass without change in energy intake, and increased basal energy expenditure independent of physical activity. In the research, They found that as UCP-1 and UCP-3 in brown adipose tissue expressed increased, UCP-3 incresed and of acetylCoA carboxylase was inhbited in skeletal muscle,They found the mechanism of GLP-1(32-36) regulating the metabolism is that GLP-1(32-36)amide activated AMP kinase and inhibited acetyl CoA carboxylase[1].

Another lastest research showed that GLP-1 secretion was pronounced different between men and women. a higher GLP-1 response among women than men, but when glucose tolerance worsens, the decline in GLP-1 secretion is more pronounced in women than in men[2].

These findings may have important clinical implications for human obesity and associated metabolic disorders

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Reference: [1]EvaTomas, Violeta Stanojevic, Karen McManus, GLP-1(32-36)amide Pentapeptide Increases Basal Energy Expenditure and Inhibits Weight Gain In Obese Mice. Diabetes. 2015 Apr 9. pii: db141708 doi:10.2337/db14-1708 [2]Kristine Færch, Signe S. Torekov, Dorte Vistisen,ea al. Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Response to Oral Glucose is Reduced in Pre-diabetes, Screen-detected Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity, and Influenced by Sex: The ADDITION-PRO Study. Diabetes, 2015, db141751 DOI: 10.2337/db14-1751

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