Peptides treatment in diease

I have read an article about peptide product. Peptides are important for biochemical processes and physiological functions. So research in peptide synthesis or mechanism of action are of great interest. The article had described the status of peptide treatment, Now. Share the information with you.

“Within the last years, the global market for peptide therapeutics expanded nearly twice as fast as overall drugs. Up to now, nearly 70 peptide drugs were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and reached the medicinal market. In addition, many peptides are currently in clinical (>150) and advanced preclinical (>400) phases, exemplifying the urgent demand of peptides for various indications. In 2005, the market for peptide drugs covered 8 billion EUR and was estimated to reach 11.5 billion EUR in 2013. The market growth rate has been projected to be over 10% per year. To date, 4% of overall approved pharmaceuticals are peptide hormones or derivatives. Besides this success story, there are limitations restricting the use of peptides as drugs. Notably, their low bioavailability owing to proteolytic degradation by enzymes of the intestine, blood and cell plasma leads to short circulating half-lives. Depending on their size, peptides are excreted by kidneys (renal clearance) or liver (hepatic clearance) within minutes. Nevertheless, their ability to pass through membranes and the urgent need of alternative, more comfortable administration routes as the commonly used parenteral (subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous) application, have prompted further research in this field’’.


Automated solid-phase peptide synthesis to obtain therapeutic peptides, Veronika Mäde, Sylvia Els-Heindl, Annette G Beck-Sickinger ,Beilstein J Org Chem. 2014; 10: 1197–1212.

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