Progress in the peptidomics of in malignant tumor.

Peptidomics refers to all endogenous peptides in the living cell nuclei fluids. The academic of peptidomics studies the function and structure of the peptidomics as well as diversification rules and correlation. Peptides rich in body fluid is potiential biomarker. So the main resource of peptidomics study is serum peptide. Being a complementary method of protemics. Serum peptidomics maintain a character of simple structure. less than 1.0*104 molecular weight, High specialty and easy for synthetize. which arouse the academics and medicine attention in clinical protemics at present.

Peptidomics has been widely used in many fields. as a biomarker for diagnosis of diseases. Serum peptidomics can be used to assess the severity of disease, the development of disease and the effect of Intervention. Many research were carried on the peptidomics in disease diagnosis at present . which is in cancer, asthma. Rheumatism, pneumonia, but most in tumor. Serum peptidomics as diagnosis methods still have many problems to be resolved. This kind of method is low intensity, low specificity and lacks of repetition. However, with the progress of technology of peptide separation and identification, these problems will eventually be resolved


liuying, zhongliaping. Progress in the peptidomics of in malignant tumor. International Journal of Stomatology.2013,40(2):233-236

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